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Jim Doxas, a native Montréaler, was born into an artistically vibrant family, his father a classical guitarist, educator and recording engineer, and brother a saxophonist and composer. Before finding the drums, Jim played a number of other instruments: piano, violin, trumpet and French horn. Working alongside his father as a recording engineer was Jim’s first love. This all changed in his teens when he was “forced” to record acoustic drums for his father’s jingles….



Much of my teaching style is derived from experiences throughout my formative years as a young musician. I had enormously influential music teachers who not only taught me essential skills, but also how to internalize new concepts. Essentially, I learned how I learn, and therefore now model this same paradigm by helping others do the same, regardless of their chosen instrument. Through the drums, every young musician has a unique voice. Consequently, it becomes a matter of allowing that voice to develop, whether through articulation, balance of sound, vocabulary, or by simplifying the many mechanical aspects of the drums. I believe that the drums not only provide movement and motion to music, but also a solid, melodic undercurrent, as well as strong rhythmic elements that define the instrument. My approach to teaching embodies all of these components, as I encourage students to unlock the many facets of the drums.


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